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With more and more experts and customer support agents joining us, our group of password experts and programmers is growing rapidly. After years of operation, the magic lamp has expanded to the markets of the United States and the European Union. Nowadays, Shendeng is the leader in the global personal VPN market, helping millions of people secure online.
Watch and download high speed and stable
5400+ servers in 170 countries to choose from. Unrestricted, borderless Internet experience.
Data encryption, safe and secure
Special encryption technology and perfect security protection system, anonymous surfing, protect your real IP.
Extremely fast and stable, easy to operate
Safe and fast access to hundreds of streaming sites around the world, enjoy a smooth experience.
Peace of mind in cybersecurity
Data transmission is based on SSL 256-bit encryption, which does not record your network transmission and protects privacy.
Why choose shengdeng VPN
  • Fast VPN experience in intelligent mode
    When you use VPN, it usually assigns an external IP address to your computer, which not only reduces your networking experience, but also government and law enforcement agencies may find that you are using VPN to block these IP addresses. Shendeng VPN intelligent mode allows you to use the Internet with a regional IP address, so as to maintain a high networking speed without causing any doubt.
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  • High speed dedicated line, high-definition without lag
    We have invested heavily in infrastructure, including powerful dedicated servers. Each server uses a dedicated broadband connection to either 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit connections. The server is equipped with modern processors that support AES encryption offloading and come with multiple cores.
    VPN connection encryption is computationally demanding, and only powerful dedicated hardware can achieve excellent performance when a large number of customers connect simultaneously.
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  • Full platform support, accelerating anytime, anywhere
    Independently develop various platform clients without the need for tedious settings. One account can run smoothly on various terminal platforms such as Windows, TV, iOS, Android, and Mac, breaking through the network restrictions in public places such as offices, schools, and hotels.
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  • Protect all your devices
    Your phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet have so much sensitive data that your business is at risk of being spied upon by hackers and illegal organizations. Fortunately, you can use the magic lamp to protect all network communications.
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  • Intelligent acceleration
  • HD playback
  • No advertisements
  • Multiple devices
  • Refund up to 30 days
  • 1 to 1 customer service
  • Free registration, free acceleration
  • Serve millions of users
  • Up to 30 days money back
  • One to one customer service
  • Full five-star praise
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